I PROMISE I HAVEN’T DIED. But if it doesn’t mean anything to you I understand. Stay Savvy.

Kurt: So what did you do today, boyfriend?
Blaine: I walked through the halls of the school, boxed and then took a shower while singing an emotional song. Didn't you see me?
Kurt: You sang emotionally while you were in the shower?
Blaine: Yeah.
Kurt: And didn't invite me?
Kurt: To you singing emotionally in the shower?
Kurt: Like angry emotional or crying emotional?
Kurt: Blaine.
Blaine: Angry emotional.
Kurt: Take your clothes off now and line up the track again.
Kurt: Seriously. You're gonna sing it again with my mouth around your cock.
Blaine: Ok.

I opened my tumblr app to this…it was intriguing…

When someone says I can have a bite of their food

so i take the biggest bite i possibly can like this:

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Teacher: Class, any volunteer?


Your Classmates: *shouting your name*
And you’re like:

“Fuck these bitches!”

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I may look innocent but goddamn my thoughts are filthier than a whore’s mind

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Ten bucks says Chris is on tumblr right now.

#with his little glasses on #and probably desert and coffee #and some gorgeous man laid out beside him joining him in laughing his ass of #and naked #and the naked man probably likes controlled danger

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